What Makes Us Different?

The purpose of ACE Learning Centers is to work with public schools and the community to get students who may be behaviorally, academically, or socially challenged back on track. ACE effectively addresses classroom disruption, low academic achievement, grade retention, truancy, credit recovery, and high dropout rates by:


  • FOCUSING  on students who are non traditional learners and at risk of dropping out of school;
  • OFFERING a flexible schedule for students who may have personal issues that would conflict with a regular school day.
  • ENABLING students  to work in order to support themselves or their families;
  • PARTNERING with the school district…ACE is not a charter school, a voucher program or a school management company;
  • COMPLEMENTING district initiatives…ACE does not compete with existing programs;
  • HELPING accomplish the school district’s objectives of safe and orderly classrooms, improved academic achievement and a reduction in the dropout rate;
  • RETURNING students to the school district with improved attendance, behavior and academic skills.

ACE develops partnerships by…

  • LISTENING AND ACTING on the needs and concerns of the school district, parents and the community.
  • LOCAL LEADERSHIP GUIDING the development and implementation of a school district/ACE partnership.
  • PROVIDING SOCIAL SERVICES FOR STUDENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES through community based organizations.

ACE focuses on the following challenges…

  • STUDENTS who are low performing and challenged by the traditional academic model, in grades 6-12.
  • STUDENTS who have been retained one or more grade levels,  are not earning credits, poor attendance,  and not progressing toward graduation.
  • HELPING STUDENTS find success who are at risk of dropping out.