ACE is giving me another shot to finish high school and graduate with a diploma. I would recommend ACE to any student having trouble in their home school. I’m able to get a lot done with my classes here at ACE – I learn much better here.


Do I like ACE? The answer would be yes. The reason for my answer is that ACE gave me another opportunity to succeed. ACE is an easy process as long as you have patience and give effort. ACE has showed me that I can actually be someone. After graduation I will be going to Sanford Brown College to be a medical assistant. I think that if it wasn’t for ACE I wouldn’t be in school today. The teachers individually sit with me and help me to get a clear understanding about the work that I’m doing. Anything that I don’t understand they just don’t give me more, they help me through. That’s why I like ACE, they gave me an opportunity and I am choosing to take it.


“ACE helped my son Eddie to stay focused and to fulfill his goals and ambitions. He became more responsible and involved in his learning. ACE helped my child to change and turn his life around. He now has a totally positive outlook on life itself. If ACE can help my child it can surely help others. When screening for teachers recruit more teachers like Jamie Atnip. Thank God for ACE and Ms. Atnip” Ms. French


ACE has helped me a lot in many ways. I can say I like attending ACE other than regular high school because there are more teachers to give individual help. The teachers are polite, understanding, and they stay calm and don’t get frustrated when we don’t understand. They help us when we need it.

In the future I plan to be somebody. There are two goals that I want to achieve and that is I want to go to art school and own my own business. To do that I first have to graduate, which I plan to do and I think it’s because ACE has helped me a lot. Thanks ACE.


ACE has done a lot of good things for me. First, ACE has taught me to concentrate on my work. Second, ACE has brought the best out of me because they want you to strive for success. Third, it has a great work environment for teens to focus on their goals. The teachers here are wonderful , they’ll help you with anything. They’re here for your best interest. ACE stands for achievement, commitment, and excellence. That means give it all you got.